2022 Workshop for Cultural Mobility Developers in Slovenia: Dissemination Activities

Around twenty cultural professionals seated in a discussion circle at the On the Move workshop in Slovenia.

Since 2022 and as part of its multi-annual programme co-funded by the Europe Union, On the Move proposes a workshop for cultural mobility developers. The main objective of this workshop is to build the capacity of artists and cultural professionals to support the internationalisation of artistic and cultural practices and adopt more value-driven approaches in their own contexts.

In 2022, and for our first edition, we collaborated with our member Motovila to organise the workshop in Slovenia with a focus on the Balkan countries. The 12 selected participants took part in a two-day workshop whose aim was to empower them and their related entities/communities to delve further into different artistic mobility and international opportunities. The workshop was facilitated by Milica Ilic and Bojana Panevska.

Thanks to the dissemination grants provided by the programme, the 11 participants were able to organise several dissemination activities related to the key learnings and insights from this enriching experience that reached hundreds of professionals in the Balkan region. Take a look at some of these activities:

  • The translation of OTM’s Cultural Mobility Funding Guide – focus on the Balkan region: Antonia Kuzmanic decided to translate into Croatian an overview of our Mobility Funding Guide to Croatia, listing those mobility funding possibilities that are available to the contemporary circus artists, collectives and organisations from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia.
  • Public dissemination events: Several events were organised in relation to the workshop and OTM’s Cultural Mobility Funding Guide with a focus on the Balkan region. For example, Jelena Mijic organised the event: Where they have been, what have they been doing? in Serbia where she presented a digital publication that she drafted based on the Balkan region guide. Another example was the information event organised by Filip Petkovski in North Macedonia dedicated to raise awareness and visibility about internal and external funding in relation to cultural projects in Macedonia and collaboration with other countries, with special focus on the Balkans.
  • Drafting of digital publications: David Milosaljevic drafted a digital and ZINE publication Digital and Zine publication with a focus on the mobility of the skaters and artists from the Balkan region which was distributed to more than 100 artists and cultural professionals.
  • The creation of a radio documentary: Gjorgji Janevski produced a Documentary Radio Play for Kanal 103 radio, Skopje / Next You Radio. The radio piece was created with the audio / field recordings taken during the workshop. The radio piece was broadcasted as part of the Next You Radio episode on radio stations in North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Croatia.

The above-mentioned activities are only some of the varied examples of the materialised results of the first edition of our workshop. In this regard, we would like to congratulate all the cultural professionals for their fantastic work and creative initiatives!

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