New Presidency and new Board members for On the Move (April and May 2023)

Two former and one current president of On the Move's Board stand shoulder to shoulder - Marie Fol, Anna Galas-Kosil, Bojana Panevska.

The last General Assembly of On the Move that was held online on 13 April 2023 acknowledged the end of the mandate for Marie Fol as the President of On the Move. Marie Fol has been a Board member for six years and President of the Board since June 2020. Marie Fol was very much thanked for her engagement for the past years, having contributed to bring the network to a higher level of development in terms of membership, EU funding, advocacy at European and international levels etc. Quoting Marie Fol during the General Assembly on 13 April 2023: ‘I am very glad to leave the Board in very good hands with very dynamic people (…) That is great to see this and I encourage the Board to keep supporting the team and the network to grow further. I am very grateful to have been doing this task for the past years’.

Since the General Assembly on 13th of April, the Board has expanded, welcoming two new members, Lissa Kinnaer and Tihana Pupovac.

Subsequently and following On the Move’s statutes, we are delighted to say the Board elected in Tunis on 8th of May, its new President, Bojana Panevska and secretary Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar.

The Board from 8th of May is as follows:

Though the agenda in Tunis was very packed with the Cultural Mobility Forum and the mobility developers’ workshop, a photo could still be taken with three generations of President of On the Move (from left to right): Marie Fol (June 2020-April 2023), Anna Galas-Kosil (May 2015-May 2020), Bojana Panevska (since May 2023).