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ACCESS: Artistic Residency with Focus on Music and Sound 2024–25 (France, Portugal, Czech Republic)

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ACCESS is a Creative Europe-supported project aiming for more opened musical experiences for the audience. In places normally not used for music, the project will experiment with new forms of listening and creating, and of engaging audiences and artists. Between 2024 and 2026, European artists and musicians from improvised and creative music backgrounds will experiment during six artistic residencies in France, Portugal and the Czech Republic, in close relation with the territories and inhabitants.

This call is directed to European artists (seven will be selected) with a close relation with music and sound, with a focus on experimentation, innovation, improvisation, cooperative creation and audience engagement. This call concerns the three residencies of the first cycle of action of ACCESS (2024–2025). The selected artists will take part of one artistic residency, with a duration of seven days.

Each residency has a specific theme, directly related with the space where it will take place.

Residency #1: Prague | 23–29 September 2024 | Coordinated by Unijazz

The artists will work with a group of teenagers within secondary school environment. Together they will prepare site specific performance floating through the school. They also seek 1 or 2 dancers and/or visual artists.

Residency #2: Lille | 7–13 October 2024 | Coordinated by Muzzix

The residency will take place in a patrimonial site of Lille metropolitan area, probably in a heritage site in relation with the industrial past of the region. The organisers will work closely with the local population to include them in the creative process.

Residency #3: Porto | 12–18 May 2025 | Coordinated by Sonoscopia

The focus of this residency will be the development of a series of small actions – performances and recordings, with the local community surrounding Sonoscopia’s neighbourhood.

The total fee for seven days of work for each participant is 1,680 EUR including employer’s costs. Travel, food and accommodation costs will be covered for the seven days of the residency.


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