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Altofest: Congiunzione Scientific and Artistic Research Residency (Italy)

A drawing of three hand reaching into touch a triangle which has two torsos with hands touching.

Congiunzione is a research residency that interweaves scientific research and artistic creation within the framework of Altofest – International Contemporary Live Art, which takes place in private homes, of various nature, of different sizes, located in different neighborhoods of Naples, Italy.

The invitation is addressed to artists who have already participated in Altofest in past editions and to scholars who would like to open their research to artistic practices, working on the theme of the current edition: ‘Finire per non finire’ (t/n. Coming to an end to never end).

The residency takes place in close contact with citizens who make up the #Peopleofaltofest community. The task entrusted to the informal group consists of several steps:

  • Two online meetings (May 2024): The selected artists and scholars will participate in two online meetings dealing with the artistic direction and the dramaturg of Altofest (representing Co.R).
  • A residency in Naples (13–26 June 2024): Two-week residency during the period of Altofest and shortly after its end, to activate the experimentation for the investigation of the proposed theme, developed with the direct involvement of the ‘inhabitants of Altofest’. The place of work and development of the conjunction practices may include one or more domestic spaces in the network of resident inhabitants, and the urban space and the paths that link the individual spaces of Altofest should be considered.
  • The production of a written outcome of the investigation (September 2024): The poetic and scientific research process must ultimately concretise into a written outcome of 30 folders without images, which will be published and available on the website.
  • An online public meeting will be held to present the outcome (October 2024).

Accommodation is provided in the houses of the Hospitable Network of the inhabitants of the Altofest community. Home hospitality and sharing are prerequisites for participation. Great adaptability is therefore required.

The total budget provided is 4,500 EUR gross (before withholding and legal charges), consisting of 1,500 EUR fee (for artists and scholars), a maximum of 500 EUR for production expenses, a maximum of 500 EUR to cover the travel and food (of the artists and scholars). Regular contracts will be concluded for artistic performance, occasional performance, or assignment of copyright (to be agreed upon).


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