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Center Rog: Designer in Residency Programme 2024 (Slovenia)

Large industrial building of 5 stories beside a river, with city apartment building behind it.

Center Rog Creative Hub is calling for designers from diverse backgrounds to embark on a transformative three-month-long Designer in Residency Programme exploring ancestral knowledge that offers lessons in resilience which can inform contemporary design responses to environmental, social, and cultural challenges.

Located in the heart of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, Center Rog, the biggest creative hub in the EU, is dedicated to fostering creativity, innovation, and collaborative creativity. The residential programme, partially supported by the Culture Moves Europe programme, will be held from 19 August to 20 November 2024.

Center Rog is searching for a fresh reinterpretation without regressing to traditionalism. They wish to showcase how designers adapt traditional concepts, materials, and values to create relevant contemporary solutions that respect natural ecosystems and promote regenerative practices.

A total of 5 creatives from diverse backgrounds will be selected.

The residency includes accommodation, personal workspace, access to 9 production labs and shared workspace, mentorship, travel costs (350–1,200 EUR), fee (4,300 EUR for 3 months), production costs (4,000 EUR) and an exhibition opportunity.


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