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Corte Ospitale: Performing Arts Residency (Italy)

Text of the call with symbols such as a ladder, cloud and moon.

Corte Ospitale has an open call for three artists and two culture professionals from the performing arts for their residency programme in Rubiera (Italy) from 24 September to 24 October 2024.

The theme of the residency – ‘Moving to change’ (MTC) – stems from Corte Ospitale‘s experience in developing innovative processes in the relationship between artists and communities. As a residency centre, they believe that art residencies can be places for innovation, spaces where, through the creative process, it’s possible to cross territories and create generative change. With this project, Corte Ospitale wants to treasure the locality, an ancient hospice for pilgrims from the 16th century, located in Rubiera, a town of 15 thousand inhabitants.

Through a month-long residency the artists will share their practices, get to know each other and build a lasting bond with the inhabitants. The dialogue between artists and inhabitants will be designed in an intercultural and intergenerational perspective to tell, through performing arts, a place perceived as a cultural heritage and to find a new sense of belonging, new perspectives and new mindsets.

The call is aimed at individual artists from the performing arts, not collectives or companies. Each artist is asked to participate with their own creative process, not with a ready-made show. Both artists and cultural professionals need to be residents in one of the 40 Creative Europe countries, except Italy.

Successful applicants will receive mentoring, accommodation, a mobility grant (25 EUR per day for each day of residency and a travel grant of 350–700 EUR depending on the distance travelled), and potential top-up for green mobility, family, visa expenses, or disability needs.


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