IoDeposito: Post-Colonial Frames Residency and Exhibition for African Artists (Italy)

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As part of the ‘Post-Colonial Frames’ project, IoDeposito are selecting contemporary African artists (and African artists in Europe) for residencies and for the participation in an exhibition, which will be held in Italy, in the FVG Region in the second half of 2024.

IoDeposito is an Italian NGO that works internationally to enhance contemporary art, and, through contemporary art, gain a better understanding of the present.

The topics include:

  • Colonialism and re-writing of borders
  • Colonialism and gender: intersectional perspectives
  • Legacies of the violent colonial process to today’s world
  • Diaspora and forced migrations

The project is looking for contemporary African artists in general, and African artists who belong to the diaspora in Europe, who have worked or are working on these themes, without limitation in the artistic media used. A particular consideration will be given to applications from Under35 artists.

All the selected artists will be asked to come into contact with local audiences and citizens, through a system of events, educational workshops, video pills (activities that allow to best share the artistic experience, promoting understanding of the colonial phenomenon by the population).

To some of the selected artists (maximum of three) the project will offer a short residency for the production of a new artwork; in this case there will be a payment of a professional fee, travel costs, food, accommodation, and a budget for the creation of the artwork, which will be shown in the final exhibition, in autumn 2024. To some of the selected artists (maximum of three) the project will offer a fee for the loan of an artwork to be exhibited in the final exhibition.


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