K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg: Residency Programme for Choreographers 2025–2026 (Germany)

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K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg provides three paid eight-month residencies to choreographers who are at the beginning of their career and have produced multiple choreographic works of their own. The residency begins in August 2025 and runs until April 2026. Over the course of the residency, the three choreographers research their own projects and develop a full-length piece that is presented on the stages of Kampnagel.

The goal of the residency is to develop and strengthen the connections between choreographic practice, research, artistic production, and qualification. The duration of eight months should provide sufficient time and space for overcoming conventional rhythms of production and open up opportunities for exchange with other artists.

The applicant should be willing to participate in K3’s outreach programme and other events at K3. The programme accepts applications in all choreographic fields (e.g. dance for young audience, public space, film) and applications from all countries. Only applications by individuals can be accepted.

The residency covers the following:

  • a monthly scholarship for living expenses and accommodation in Hamburg (exact amount to be confirmed, in the season 23/24 this was 2,250 EUR per month)
  • one-time travel expenses from and to place of residence
  • support in obtaining necessary papers/visa and related costs
  • a moderate production budget for the performances at the end of the residency which allows for a small team over the last few weeks of the residency
  • use of the K3 studios
  • an accompanying support from the K3 team in the fields of dramaturgy, organisation, technical assistance, and public relations
  • active participation in the K3 outreach programme
  • After consulting with K3, accessibility costs for the residency can be covered in most cases. K3 tries to support additional costs for care (i.e. children or next of kin).

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