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PimOff Theatre: Citofonare PimOff Residency Programme for Contemporary Dance and Performance 2025 (Italy)

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Pim Spazio Scenico cultural association, based at PimOff Theatre in Milan, has launched an open call Citofonare PimOff, its residency programme in support of national and international choreographic and performative research.

Initially designed as an open call addressed to every sector of the performing arts, Citofonare PimOff has defined its focus on dance and performance. However, traces of its original form remain, as well as those of the diversified activity of Pim Spazio Scenico association; these traces are reflected in a broad conception of dance and performance, a perspective that considers hybridisation between knowledges and arts as an indispensable resource for reporting the complexity of our time.

Citofonare PimOff supports dance projects at their creation phase that have never debuted and have never been presented in front of a public in their final form. PimOff will provide to all selected artists a creative residency, up to a maximum of 10 days, from February to May 2025. The exact length and all arrangements for the development of the residency will be discussed by the organisational office of PimOff with the company, and will depend on the nature of the proposed project and its stage of progress.

Whatever the stage of development of the project is, at the end of the residency, all companies/artists can present their project to the public (in form of open rehearsal, study or preview) and are asked to lead a training or laboratory activity open to the public.

PimOff will provide the following:

  • Theatre room
  • Accommodation (open space for a maximum four people, with kitchen)
  • Financial support up to 3,000 EUR
  • Technical counselling
  • Organisation, promotion and communication support

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