SOYA - Stirring Opportunities with Yummy Asia: Mobility Guide #1 Asia-Europe

Cover for SOYA Mobility Guide. Title text with a graphic of a world map where arcing, stew-like, yummy liquids connect Europe and Asia.

After a first research trip of Circostrada to Japan in December 2016 and in view of the forthcoming one in South Korea in October 2018, the network has decided in partnership with On the Move, to delve deeper into the connections between Europe and Asia by exploring the needs of professionals working in the fields of circus and street arts and by sharing the inspirational experiences of those network members already working across the Eurasian continent.

Conceived as a hand-on tool, this mobility guide  aims to be resourceful and inspirational for future collaborations. It not only gives an overview and a mapping of Asian artistic scene in circus and street arts, it helps also to organise and plan a mobility project for all cultural players through funding mobility schemes, administrative pieces of advice and inspiring collaboration testimonies.