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Culture Moves Europe
Culture Moves Europe - sessions d'information
Le Relais Culture Europe, en partenariat avec On the Move, propose, jusqu’en mai 2023, des sessions d’information et d’accompagnement pour préparer et construire un projet de mobilité avec le dispositif Culture Moves Europe.
Meeting each other across borders logo
The Development Platform x Toaster: Meeting each other – across borders

On the Move will join The Development Platform for the Performing Arts and Toaster for their second symposium for industry professionals with a focus on working internationally.

In this collaboration, The Development Platform for the Performing Arts and Toaster will focus on the many gifts and challenges that lies in working internationally. Because what are the pressing questions and new directions in the international scene? How do we promote diversity and fair collaborations? Where do you belong as an artist? Is it possible to be international, locally?

København, Denmark
Workshop for cultural mobility developers: Tunis, Tunisia, 9-12 May 2023.
Workshop for Cultural Mobility Developers in Tunis
For the second edition of this workshop for cultural mobility developers (11-12 May 2023), On the Move is collaborating with Culture Funding Watch and focusing on the South Mediterranean countries, in connection with the Cultural Mobility Forum that will be held in Tunis on 9-10 May 2023.
Tunis, Tunisia