Embedding European Performing Arts in the New Climate Regime

European Forum: Where to land (5-6 October 2022), Strasbourg, France

European Forum: Where to land (5-6 October 2022), Strasbourg, France

This event aims to build a reference framework of individual and systemic actions to bring about the necessary transformation in the performing arts sector. It will also formulate the necessary changes in public policies to put the sector in a position to act.

How to think about the cultural buildings of tomorrow? How can we envisage creation from the point of view of eco-design and eco-production, without restricting the freedom of artists? How can we organise distribution in a reasoned manner? Rethinking audience mobility? Reducing the impact of digital culture on the environment? How to organise ecological planning at both local and European levels?

These are the questions around which a hundred or so experts in ecological transition, political players and professionals in the performing arts (artists, directors of structures, etc.) from all over Europe will meet in Strasbourg. 
During plenary sessions and participative thematic workshops, they will imagine and discuss the tools of a responsible cultural production, identify the axes of a necessary reorganisation of the cultural sector and elaborate recommendations for public policies to support the actors, in line with the current environmental challenges.

Marie Le Sourd, Secretary general, On the Move will facilitate the working group on the mobility of artists and cultural professionals.