IETM Lyon Plenary Meeting

TRANSMISSIONS - IETM Lyon Plenary Meeting 21-24 October 2021

On the Move is participating in IETM Plenary meeting in Lyon and particularly in:

Parcours Villeurbanne on 22 October

Supporting emergence in the performing arts: what do we really need?

Starting from the example of inspiring approaches and testimonies, this participative conversation will allow us to identify the first needs of emerging artists and professionals in a complex environment and to share knowledge about possible and effective forms of support for their development.

#METOO in the Cultural sector: from call-outs to structural change

Following an online session held as part of the SHIFT – Shared Initiatives for Training on October 6, this participatory discussion will dive deeper into sexual harassment, bullying and power abuse in the European art field and focus on the steps networks can take together to combat sexual harassment and power abuse.  

Parcours 8ème on 23 October

Time to Act session

This session will explore some of the initial findings of a major new study spanning 40 European countries into the barriers that disabled people experience when accessing the arts, with a particular focus on programming works by disabled artists in Europe. This session is conceived by the British Council, part of the Creative Europe project Europe Beyond Access in collaboration with On the Move and the researchers associated to the Time to Act Report.