International Artist Mobility Coffee Mornings

A photo of a cup of coffee from above

Arts Infopoint UK is delighted that representatives from On the Move Mobility Information Points (MIPs) will join them during their next Coffee morning. 

MIPs are part of On the Move’s network (see information and contacts here).

The MIPs host a great deal of free resources and information for cultural cross-border work in each of their respective countries. They are a welcome point for artists, arts professionals and organisations, and support them to plan creative visits to their countries. Each of the MIPs are well connected to their own cultural sectors, and are a reliable source of information for the arts sector in relation to the official requirements and administrative processes of creative visits. 

In this session, you’ll hear an update from the MIPs, and a reminder of the resources they can offer artists from the UK visiting their respective countries. There will also be an opportunity to highlight your own collaborations, and  you are welcomed  to share updates around work you may be programming in any of the countries represented by the MIPs in this session. If you have any queries about the practical aspects of mobility, there will be an opportunity to ask questions. You are kindly asked to note any questions you would like to ask in the session upon registration.