MIL - Panel Overcoming Barriers to International Touring


MIL is the Lisbon International Music Network, a showcase festival and conference taking place annually in Lisbon, Portugal. Beyond showcasing Portuguese, European and international talent, it provides a place for discussions on issues that will shape the future of music and the cultural sectors.

The panel “Overcoming Barriers to International Touring” aims to go beyond the practicalities of working internationally. It will focus on the inevitable challenges that an (emerging) touring musician faces - from politics (Brexit, post-Trump, radicalism and xenophobia on the rise) to climate change, pandemic and inflation, and all the inequalities that go with these. Bringing together voices from Portugal, Brazil and the USA, we will explore strategies to work internationally in that complex reality.

This panel will take place within the MIL festival will take place on September 28, at 16:00 - 17:00 - Talks Room 2, Factory Lisbon, Hub Criativo do Beato.



- Marie Fol, President of OTM

-  Matthew Covey, Tamizdat Executive Director

- Mafalda Sebastião - Polo Cultural Gaviotas | Boavista Coordinator

-  Fabrício Nobre - Head of Music - Brazil - KWAI