Mobilities and Collaborations in North America: Which Resources and Opportunities’ Formats?

A webinar within the scope of the project Pyrenart coordinated by Occitanie en Scène in partnership with On the Move. This meeting is also part of the Coopérative de projets européens et internationaux, a regional platform to support innovation and European and international cooperation. This webinar is expected to provide a contextualised state-of-the-play of possible mobilities and collaboration formats in North America (USA and Canada) thanks to the perspectives of a resources’ centre / legal advisory organisation, Tamizdat in the USA (Matthew Covey), one representative of the Cultural service at the General Consulate of France in Québec (Sabine Trégouët) and of a Biennale of Performing Arts, CINARS (Gilles Doré).

The session will be articulated around two key questions followed by an exchange with the public (companies, artists, groups, cultural professionals etc.), including the Pyrenart partners and artists / companies.