Perform Europe: Imagine the Future

Last January, the ‘Imagine the Future’ Talks invited experts to share their points of view on various aspects related to the distribution of the performing arts. Welcomed by the hosts Kathrin Deventer (European Festivals Association, Belgium) and Elena Polivtseva (IETM, Belgium), 5 experts delivered their insights on these following topics:

  • Working conditions and distribution of the performing arts with Anita Debaere, Pearle*, Director, Belgium.
  • Cultural mobility in Europe: gaps and disbalances with Marie Fol, On the Move, President, Belgium.
  • Access for disabled artists to the touring landscape in Europe with Ben Evans, British Council, Head of Arts and Disability (Project: Europe Beyond Access), UK.
  • Digital distribution with Karen Toftegaard, CEO, WILDTOPIA, Denmark.
  • Rural touring with Ralph Lister, Take Art, Chief Executive (Project: SPARSE - Supporting and Promoting Arts in Rural Settlements of Europe), UK.

This session was followed by a discussion where 80 sector representatives and policy-makers were invited to envisage some elements for a future support scheme for the distribution of the performing arts in Europe.