State of the Union Citizens’ Rights 2023 Conference

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The State of the Union Citizens’ Rights Conference is ECAS’s annual flagship event in its EU Rights focus area. Its aim is to take stock of recent developments in the European Citizenship domain and to provide a forum for discussion of civil society, decision-makers and academics on ways to improve the EU Rights implementation and innovate EU Citizenship. The 2023 edition of the Conference will take place on March 21st and engage many different stakeholders who have an interest in seeing a renewed, stronger EU citizenship to understand more about who the mobile EU citizens are, and what lies behind their wish to establish their home in another Member State than the one they were born in.

On the Move will be represented by its Secretary general Marie Le Sourd in this conference together with Stijn Michielsen, Consultant for Cultuurloket (MIP Belgium) for a specific session on the obstacles to the freedom of movement of artists and solutions to overcome them.