Tartu 2024: International Kultuurikompass Examines the Challenges of Cultural Mobility

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The Kultuurikompass forum brings together cultural organisers, creative people, and policymakers from all around Europe to Tartu to solve problems that hinder international cultural exchange.

Top European organisers will convene at the fourth international Kultuurikompass forum “How Borderless is Culture?” on May 18 and 19 at the Estonian National Museum and the TYPA Print and Paper Art Centre. The forum focuses on how cultural globalisation gives opportunities for survival in the future while also highlighting local uniqueness.

On the first day of the forum, at the Estonian National Museum, participants can hear presentations from experts in the field and join three discussion groups that introduce the variety of creative residencies. For one day, an EXPO area will be set up in the museum where all can learn about various mobility and residency opportunities in Europe. The opening day broadcast is also available on the internet.

On the second day, participants can meet creative residencies and members of the European Capitals of Culture network at TYPA. There will be workshops, discussions, and excursions to residencies in Tartu and Southern Estonia.

Speakers at the forum include: Irmeli Kokko (creative residency expert), Terje Toomistu (University of Tartu), Kendal Henry (CEC ArtsLink), Mikko Fritze (Tallinn 2011), Baiba Bartkevica (Liepaja 2027), Gediminas Banaitis-Skrandis (Kaunas 2022), Kati Torp (Tartu 2024) etc. From On the Move, Marie Le Sourd will be speaking together with OTM members’ representatives, Bojana Panevska (Dutch/Culture / TransArtists) and Marie Fol (for RES ARTIS).

The first day of the forum is free. Tickets for the second day’s activities can be purchased at Piletilevi.