Touring, Visas & Borders: Overcoming New Hurdles

In the last two years, international travel was transformed by a pandemic, Brexit, civil unrest in many parts of the world, and regime change in the US. Meanwhile, our industry’s reliance on international travel has raised concerns about the sustainability of our practices. Join three experts on artist mobility as they talk through the legal, ethical, and practical issues that we must all confront when artists hit the road. Zelie Flach heads Wales Arts International’s mobility work, helping the U.K. manage the artist mobility impact of Brexit. Marie Fol is the president of On The Move, the international cultural mobility information network. Matthew Covey is an immigration attorney and the executive director of Tamizdat, the leading arts mobility advocacy organization in the U.S. Diana Rodriguez, the founder and CEO of Criteria Entertainment, has decades of experience navigating the logistics of artist mobility issues, including throughout Latin American.