Webinar: Cultural Exchange to the UK After Brexit: What Happens Next?

London's Victoria Street curves beautifully into the distance - brown and grey buildings under a slate grey sky.

The webinar Cultural Exchange To The UK After Brexit: What Happens Next? will be hosted by DutchCulture with the support of the Dutch embassy in the United Kingdom.


  • 14:30: Introduction and welcome - Bojana Panevska and Laurens Meijer
  • 14:35: Presentation by the Dutch embassy - Koen Guiking and Roel van de Ven
  • 14:50: Discussion and update on Arts Infopoint UK - Marie Fol and Laurens Meijer
  • 15:05: Presentation on the updated TransArtists database - Bojana Panevska
  • 15:15: Short statements by the funds - Jan Sprengers, Dewy Karsten Schüler and Paul Bayley
  • 15:40: Q&A

Jan Sprengers, Secretary Programme and Internationalisation at the Performing Arts Fund and Dewy Schüler, Grants Officer at the Mondriaan Fund from the Netherlands will share their perspective on what kind of support they offer for artists and cultural professionals. Paul Bayley, Head of Residencies and Awards, Acme, London will share their experience of working with international artists under the current climate.

DutchCulture will present the updated database of TransArtists for the UK, and Koen Guiking, Cultural Policy Officer and/or Roel van de Ven, Head of Culture, Education and Communication Department at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London will give a presentation about the changes and possibilities for artists and cultural professionals after Brexit.

Marie Fol, President of the board of On the Move and advisor for Arts Infopoint UK will discuss the latest updates and practical information for working in the UK with Laurens Meijer, advisor for the Mobility info Point at DutchCulture.