WOMEX: ‘The Fragility of Mobility, Overcoming New Hurdles to Cultural Exchange’

Marie Fol giving a talk at a conference in front of a projection screen.

A lot has happened since participants last met in person at WOMEX 19 in Tampere, Finland. A global pandemic, Brexit, financial and economic unrest, and regime change in the U.S, all this and more have transformed the international music business.

While we are constantly faced with new barriers and challenges towards mobility and travel, we have also become more concerned about the sustainability of our practices. In this session, four experts from varied backgrounds will discuss artist mobility, the legal, ethical, and practical issues that we must confront when artists hit the road.

Chaired by Matthew Covey (USA), Tamizdat with Zélie Flach (UK), Wales Arts International; Marie Fol (France/Netherlands), On the Move; Andre Stephen Le Roux (South Africa) IKS Cultural Consulting.

Image: Marie Fol by Amanda Thomsen Photography