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  • Mobility Spaces
    Mobility Spaces
    On the Move's EU-funded Network project for the period 2022-2024.
  • MIP Amplifier - A project to amplify the actions of Mobility Info Points.
    A project to amplify the actions of Mobility Info Points.
    Information Monitoring
  • Learning Trajectories logo - the letters are styled into paths that overflow and connect one another.
    Learning Trajectories
    2020 - 2022
    Working with the sector to build better mentoring programmes for the performing arts.
  • Photograph from Saša Asentic's Dis Sylphide. A woman in a red dress has her hands at her head, running through her hair. In the background, in soft focus, a line of audience seated against a wall.
    Europe Beyond Access
    2020 - 2023
    Producing two studies on the obstacles disabled artists face when working internationally.
  • SHIFT Culture logo - name next to three semi circles arranged into a design like a rotor blade.
    SHIFT - Shared Initiatives for Training
    2019 - 2021
    Climate change, gender equality, inclusion – addressing the key challenges for our rapidly changing world.
    Information Monitoring
  • Close-up photo of note which reads, 'How do we overcome conflict of interest between stakeholders, e.g. funding, systems, opportunities, priorities'?
    2018 onward
    A large-scale mentoring programme for artists, organisations and others rethinking international work.
  • Logo for i-Portunus. Spells out the name and then the dot on the i is the lens of a lighthouse, projecting a bright yellow cone.
    i-Portunus Operational Study
    Producing an analysis of the mobility field to support the EU's new pilot mobility scheme for artists and culture professionals.
    Information Monitoring
  • Promo image for Culture Backstage - a partial European map where the shapes of the countries are filled in with various urban outdoor photos.
    Culture Backstage
    2018 - 2019
    Helping young cultural entrepreneurs from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Poland to develop and carry out projects on a European scale.
  • Creative Climate Leadership logo on a background of a sky at sunset, clouds coloured an almost neon orange.
    Creative Climate Leadership
    2017 - 2019
    A training programme for artists and cultural professionals to explore and take action on the cultural dimensions of climate change.
  • Photograph showing five seated contributors and one standing moderator on stage at a b.creative event.
    Creative Tracks
    2016 - 2017
    Creative Tracks was a European project designed to connect existing networks of young entrepreneurs active in cultural and creative sectors across the world.
  • Photograph - a radiant moon hangs over a dark swimming hall, its luminous body reflected in the water.
    2014 - 2020
    On the Move has been a long-term evaluator and outside eye for IN SITU’s projects.
  • Photograph showing a line of people on a pier, walking towards a city in the distance - Glasgow. Grey sky.
    A partnership between 18 European organisations aiming to explore what environmental sustainability means in visual arts and design. 
    Information Monitoring
  • A colourful speech bubble, with text inside: 'PRACTICS: a pilot project for cultural mobility'
    2008 - 2011
    PRACTICS gathered cultural organisations from around the EU with the aim of improving the provision of information on cultural mobility in Europe.
    Information Monitoring