Theatre Without Borders: Connecting Theatre Artists Worldwide

Theatre Without Borders (TWB) is an informal, volunteer, virtual community that shares information and builds connections between individuals and institutions interested in international theatre exchange

TWB began its evolution in November 2003 and was born out of a need for U.S.-based artists to connect with artists around the world and across political and national boundaries. TWB works through its website (, as well as through public forums to explore and encourage the exchange of international theatre projects and artists

TWB advocates actively within the United States and world-wide for theatre artists who see themselves as members of a global community, as well as citizens of their respective nations and cultures. TWB is a virtual and practical space for creating artist-to-artist, people-to-people connections and for sharing knowledge, information and skills. 

TWB works on the basis of volunteerism. By donating time, skills and experience, TWB strives to remain independent and inclusive. In collaboration with various institutional partners, TWB plants seeds and watches them grow.

In 2011 TWB began dissemination of the documentation of its seven-year inquiry into the relationship between theatre artists and conflict transformation - The Acting Together Project, a collaboration with Brandeis University’s Peacebuilding and the Arts Program.  Leadership of TWB includes a circle of committed network artists led by co-founder and co-director, Roberta Levitow; co-director, Daniel Banks; co-founder, Catherine Filloux; core-member David Diamond; and core-member Roberto Varea.