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DutchCulture: Fair International Cultural Cooperation – Language

Anish Kapoor structure of a giant ear horn or speaker, laid on a green hillside. Tiny people surround the mouth of it, as though they could walk inside.

Fair International Cultural Cooperation is a series of gatherings with which DutchCulture and international partners explore the possibility of an internationally sourced and accepted code of conduct. Each gathering covers a specific theme: funding in 2018, climate change in 2019, and language this year, on 18 September in Amsterdam, during the Forum on European Culture.

When working abroad and collaborating internationally, cultural practitioners enter a space which is already characterised by cultural differences and structural power inequalities. One of these inequalities arise from the use of language. This can happen in three ways:

  • The chosen language of communication usually benefits one party over the other.
  • The used vocabulary determines how the message is valued.
  • The meaning of the words used varies depend on one’s cultural background.

DutchCulture call upon international cultural directors, artists, thinkers, scientists, critics, policymakers and funders with a focus on language issues and who are actively invested in the topic of fair international cultural cooperation to gather and discuss how international cooperation can be organised in a way that is fair in respect of the usage of language.

It is possible to participate digitally or in person during the discussion on 18 September 2020. DutchCulture is also able to cover travel expenses up to 500 EUR for six visitors who are non-EU/US residents with good English language skills. These visitors will also participate in an extended programme 16-18 September 2020 whch will give them the possibility to expand their network and experience Dutch examples in the field of art and language.


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