Perspectives 2022

Perspective Report 2022

This report presents the activities conducted by On the Move’s working groups in 2022. On the Move currently has five working groups that enable network members and likeminded organisations to think and act together, exploring in depth relevant issues in contemporary cultural mobility. Alongside three working groups which have existed for some years (Mobility Information Points, (En)forced Mobility, and Mobility Funders), two have been established in 2022, building on previous activities carried out by the network (Context-based Green Mobility, and International Mentoring Programmes). Each working group has met several times, online and in person, throughout the year, resulting in a rich set of discussions, project presentations, contributions by guest experts, and ideas for future work. A common focus on contemporary issues related to the mobility of artists and culture professionals, alongside the diverse profiles and extensive experience of the organisations involved in the network, mean that these debates provide an up-to-date picture of key issues surrounding cultural mobility in Europe and internationally today.

This report examines the work undertaken by each working group. Alongside a short introduction to the group’s context and mandate, the different sections present a summary of the main themes in the agenda of each group. And, looking towards the future, they present some of the issues that will or could be addressed in a longer term perspective, as well as a summary of other recent projects, publications, and policy documents which have similarities with the group’s activities. As a result, the report collects a wide range of references which both network members and other readers may want to explore further.