International Professional Development Programmes in the Performing Arts: Do we Need More of Them or More Contextualised Ones?

Around 20 people sitting in a circle of tables in a large studio space, having a pro meeting.

Photo: Bea Borgers

A discussion in partnership with CIFAS, Producers’ Academy and On the Move (part of the Learning Trajectories’ ERASMUS + project), in collaboration with openoffice Brussels

  • Date: Wednesday 18 May 2022 
  • Time: 15.30-17.30 
  • Venue: KAAI Forum, Brussels (metro 2 and 6, stop Yser; T51: stop Yser) 

Mentoring, peer-to-peer learning sessions and other forms of professional development programmes in the performing arts sector have been growing in terms of formats, number and contents in Europe and internationally for the past five to seven years. 

What are their specificities? To what extent are they answering the needs of the sector (eg. artists, producers, administrators etc.)? Are their formats inclusive and accessible enough? What types of contents and values are they sharing and/or strengthening? 

This session with the contributions of four organisations’ representatives aims to discuss these questions and others based on experiences, expressions of needs, as well as to consider ways to better connect the learning of these programmes at European, international but also local levels. 

This discussion, being at the beginning of the Producers’ Academy (PA), will allow to connect the PA participants with one another but also with organisations’ representatives active in the field of networking, professional development and/or resources for the performing arts sector, together with openoffice’s partners. 

This session is also part of the Learning Trajectories, an ERASMUS+ project that investigates ways to best design and implement professional development programmes by supporting the international career development of cultural and creative professionals in the performing arts in Europe. 



  • Chrissie Faniadis, Director, EUNIA / Coordinator of the Learning Trajectories ERASMUS+ project (in collaboration with On the Move, FACE-Fresh Arts Coalition Europe and Matera Hub).
  • Elena Polivtseva, Head of Policy and Research, IETM.
  • Valerie Wolters and Anna Six, openoffice’s representatives. 
  • Marine Thévenet, Director, CIFAS.

Moderator: Marie Le Sourd, Secretary general, On the Move

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