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CYENS: Thinker Maker Space Artist-in-Residence Programme (Cyprus)

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As a creative innovation hub in Nicosia’s historic centre (Cyprus), the Thinker Maker Space has utilised its Artist-in-Residence Programme to expand the knowledge and services of the centre through skill sharing and collaboration.

Traditionally housed under Thinker Maker Space, this year’s AIR programme expands to involve CYENS MRGs (multidisciplinary research groups) Museum Lab, EdMedia and ITICA their research. Applicants will have the opportunity to select and collaborate directly with MRG through the application process.

Resident artists will have full access to the makerspace facilities allowing experimentation with advanced fabrication techniques. They will also have the opportunity to present and exhibit their work at the end of the residency. Additionally, artists may deliver a series of workshops and talks relating to their practice and area of expertise.

The makerspace residencies are hosted on a short-term basis ranging from two to six months. The open call invites individuals from the creative industries (creators, designers, visual artists, academics and others) to submit a portfolio and a project proposal.

Applications will be processed and selected by a committee based on project criteria and briefs that are aligned with CYENS’ vision and capabilities. Proposals need to include details of the project’s purpose and outcomes.

Monthly stipend allowance of 1,200 EUR will be provided.


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