International Theatre Institute Yearbook 2018: Co_laboration

Cover for ITI's 2018 Yearbook. Shows a photograph of a man, naked from the waist up, sitting at a restaurant table. Another man, mouth very close to the first man's left ear, appears to be singing into it.

The ITI yearbook 2018 is addressing the issue of the condition and perspectives of artistic cooperation. Festival curators, ensemble directors and networkers report from their experience with international work. Contributors are among others: Chang Nai Wen, Martine Dennewald, Annika Hampel, Günther Heeg, Marta Keil, Krystel Khoury, Jens Van Lathem, Kerstin Ortmeier, Iulia PopoviciZoë Svendsen and Anmol Vellani.

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