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Open Call for Cultural Mobility Developers Workshop in Tbilisi (Georgia)

Workshop for cultural mobility developers - 12-14 June 2024

This third training activity is co-hosted by Culture and Management Lab on 12-14 June 2024 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Why a professional development workshop on cultural mobility?

On the Move is the international information network dedicated to artistic and cultural mobility, currently gathering 69 members registered in 23 countries. Co-funded by the European Union, On the Move aims to support all cultural mobility stakeholders to build responsiveness to global interdependencies and challenges, including social and societal ones.

As part of its multiannual programme, each year On the Move proposes a workshop for cultural mobility developers. The aim is to build the capacity of artists and culture professionals to support the internationalisation of artistic and cultural practices and adopt more value-driven approaches. Each workshop is an opportunity to share knowledge and know-how in relation to working internationally, as well as to equip cultural developers to support the artistic, economic and cooperative growth of their community in their own context. The workshop is designed to provide context and insights into trends and opportunities related to international cultural mobility, as well as tools to continue to train other artists and culture professionals in their respective contexts.

Focus 2024: the Eastern European and South Caucasus region

For the third edition of this workshop for cultural mobility developers, On the Move is collaborating with Culture and Management Lab in Tbilisi and focusing on the Eastern European and South Caucasus countries, namely: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.
Participating countries were selected having in mind the limited access to information about existing capacity building, mentoring or peer-to-peer exchange programmes in these contexts, including transnational artistic and cultural research initiatives, or opportunities to fund cross-border cultural mobility.

The workshop will be facilitated by Tamar Janashia (Culture and Management Lab, Georgia), Mykhailo Glubokyi (Izolyatsia, Ukraine) together with Yohann Floch (On the Move).

On the Move expects that this three-day workshop will contribute to a better circulation of knowledge and expertise, increase access to existing resources, and empower the participating professionals and related entities/communities to delve further into artistic mobility and international opportunities.

The organisers’ intention is also to highlight and benefit from the experience of the participants and create the conditions for a dynamic and inspiring exchange within the group, with each individual sharing their valuable expertise in relation to topics including intra-regional mobility.

12 selected participants, 12 dissemination grants

Alongside the two-day workshop taking place in Tbilisi, On the Move is offering a 750 EUR grant for each participant to translate their key learnings and takeaways into action. The purpose of this financial support is to give participants the opportunity to disseminate the knowledge and tools they have gained to a wider community of artists and cultural professionals in their own context.

Participants will be able to use their grant for local dissemination events (e.g. online and on-site panel discussions), publication costs (e.g. translation of existing documentation, commissioning of texts in languages other than English), or participation in public events to share results (e.g. travelling to conferences in the region).

Open call for participation

Deadline for applications: 26 February 2024 at 23:59 CET
Publication of results on 11 March 2024

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