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  • Three people sitting on the ground leaning against each other with the text of the call.
    REZI.DANCE: AIR 25 Residency and Presentation at Harvest Festival (Czech Republic)
    For the eighth year, REZI.DANCE has an open call for artistic projects that emphasise quality and long-term research and that want to delve deeply into their artistic development for a residency in Doudlebsk, Czech Republic.
    Posted 17 July 2024
  • Clock on a coloured floral couch.
    Arab Fund for Art and Culture/Prince Claus Fund: Arab Documentary Photography Programme 2024
    The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture and the Prince Claus Fund in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in partnership with the Magnum Foundation in New York City, USA, are now accepting proposals for the Arab Documentary Photography Programme (ADPP).
    Posted 12 July 2024
  • Illustration of six people of different ages listening, playing and dancing to music.
    Suralita: SURAM Residency for Music and Community Mediation (Spain)
    Suralita creation centre would like to support a project combining community mediation and contemporary creation in order to generate flows, through music and sound art, between the different communities and collectives that live together in Manacor (Mallorca, Spain). They are now calling for applications from Spanish or international musicians and sound artists.
    Posted 10 July 2024
  • Lines in a black circle.
    Divadlo na cucky Theatre: Residency with Unhoused People from Šternberk (Czech Republic)
    Divadlo na cucky Theatre calls for international artists or a group of artists who will create with a group of about five unhoused people from the city of Šternberk, Czech Republic. The organisers will support one residency, which will take place from 30 September to 13 October 2024.
    Posted 9 July 2024
  • Text of the call on light background.
    Künstlerhaus Meinersen: 2024–25 Art Scholarship with Residency (Germany)
    The Gemeinde und Samtgemeinde Meinersen have set the goal of promoting young contemporary art while simultaneously providing current impulses to the cultural offerings of the region. To advance this goal, they are offering a 12-month scholarship with a residency at the Meinersen Artists’ House, under the theme of ‘simulation’.
    Posted 27 June 2024
  • Text of the call on a faint background.
    CO.LABS: Ephemerality Residency Programme 2024 for Artists from Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland (Czech Republic)
    The Ephemerality Residency Programme from CO.LABS, an independent, professional artistic platform in the Czech Republic, is aimed at both established and budding independent artists. It is open to various genres, including performing arts, music, visual and fine arts, multimedia, and more. Individual artists or groups from Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland will spend two to four weeks (August 2024) in the Outdoor zone of CO.LABS or Čertova rokle – Amphitheater.
    Posted 25 June 2024
  • Text of the call on a photo of grass, with trees and a building behind.
    Dacheng Art Experimental Elementary School: 2024 International Residency ‘Playing with Nature’ (Taiwan)
    Organised by Dacheng Art Experimental Elementary School in Xinpi Township, Pingtung County, the Earth Art Festival will be held for the first time in 2024. As part of this festival, they are organising a residency programme on the theme of ‘Playing with Nature’, from 23 November to 16 December 2024 in Xinpi Township, Taiwan.
    Posted 20 June 2024
  • Illustration of mountains with text 'Borderlands'.
    In/Visible Cities Festival: Performing Arts in Border Areas Meeting (Italy, Slovenia)
    Along the Line. Border Theaters aims to identify institutions willing to share and network their practices during three days of exchange within the In/Visible Cities Festival in Gorizia (ITA) and Nova Gorica (SLO), from 30 August to 1 September 2024.
    Posted 18 June 2024
  • Text of the call with a group of more than 30 people facing the camera.
    Cultural Relations Platform: Global Cultural Relations Programme (Morocco)
    The Global Cultural Relations Programme (GCRP), the Cultural Relations Platform’s flagship training programme, is a unique opportunity that brings together practitioners from around the world to create meaningful connections and discuss cross-cultural collaborations. The 2024 edition of GCRP is open to cultural and creative professionals OR participants working in fields of creating safer societies.
    Posted 17 June 2024
  • Text of the call on a coloured background.
    Co-Crea: LINK – Urban Art Festival 2024 Participatory Design Project (Italy)
    Co-Crea project is calling for proposals from artists or a team of artists who want to submit urban art projects, new muralism, art installations, urban design works or tactical urbanism, for a project in Brescia, Italy.
    Posted 12 June 2024
  • Illustration of a megaphone with the text 'we are hiring'.
    RED NOSES: Consultant for Feasibility Assessment in Jordan
    RED NOSES International is looking for a consultant to undertake a feasibility assessment for artistic humorous activities for children in Jordan who are affected by crisis and displacement.
    Posted 3 June 2024
  • Spider webs in a dark, gothic-looking building with windows partly appearing on the bottom left.
    Art Futures Fellowship 2025 (Greece)
    Artists from the performing arts are invited to apply for an Art Futures Fellowship. The Fellowship includes a two-month residency at Space for International Cooperation [SIC] in Athens, Greece from mid-February to mid-April 2025.
    Posted 29 May 2024
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