Theatre in Palm: Co-production Residencies for Performing Artists 2024

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The Theatre in Palm partner countries will organise 12 local residencies for emerging artists in 2024. Each of the 12 partner countries will host five emerging artists for two weeks in their local venues.

Theatre in Palm’s residencies give the artists an opportunity for professional development and to build their networks in Europe. The main goal of the residencies is to foster collaboration, inspire and share insights and experiences while creating new relationships.

Each residency will work on a co-production that can take many different forms. It can be artworks, plays, scripts, performance works, recorded performances, videos, text, paintings and more. The only requirement is that it must be able to be displayed digitally in the project’s digital library – Theatre Repository.

Residency theme will be one of these, or a combination of these: Social impact, General equality, and/or Environmental sustainability.

Applicants can apply if they are:

  • An emerging artist in the field of performing arts
  • A newcomer in the field of professional theatre
  • Interested in gaining new professional competencies and making new openings in the field of performing arts
  • Willing to collaborate/cooperate outside of their own profession
  • Interested in international career opportunities and networks
  • Resident in an EU country and over 18 years old

The residencies will take place in 12 different countries at different times in 2024. Please note that different dates, deadlines and conditions apply to each country.

  • Netherlands (Amsterdam), 4 – 18 May 2024
  • Romania (Magura Racatau), 19 – 31 May 2024
  • Bulgaria (Blagoevgrad), 21 – 29 June 2024
  • Sweden (Stockholm), 12 – 23 August 2024
  • Finland (Turku), 26 August – 7 September 2024
  • Greece (Thessaloniki), 9 – 23 September 2024
  • Portugal (Lisbon), September 2024
  • Cyprus (Nicosia), 7 – 20 October 2024
  • Ireland (Dublin), 7 – 20 October 2024
  • Spain (Barcelona), October 2024
  • Italy (Reggio Emilia), 4 – 16 November 2024
  • Belgium (Brussels), November 2024

Travel, accommodation and some form of compensation for the work will be paid to all the selected artists. The exact sums might vary by country depending on travel, accommodation, living and other costs in different countries (rates range between 500 EUR and 1,500 EUR).

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