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Florìda: Artist Residency 2024 ‘Look over the Edge’ (Italy)

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Florìda, an artist-run studio and indie residency programme, is inviting all artists over 18 to apply for a residency 1–30 June 2024 in Genoa, Italy, with the aim of carrying out artistic production and research within an independent cultural space, dedicated to the promotion and creation of contemporary art.

Two artists or cultural professionals will be invited and the theme of the residency is ‘Look over the Edge’. This idea resonates deeply with the background of Florìda, located in a central but little-known area of Genoa’s historic center, where social contrasts and migration flows are stratified. Meanwhile, the neighborhood finds itself on the edge of significant changes such as the promotion of an urban space redevelopment and its possible gentrification and commercial speculation.

Participating artists and cultural professionals must be aged 18+ and legally residing in one of the 40 Creative Europe countries, except Italy.

Application to the residency is open to all artists and practitioners active in the following cultural and creative sectors: land art, visual arts, sculpture anthropology, performance, new media, digital art, curated photography and video art.

Dialogue and exchange of knowledge is crucial, so knowledge of English or Italian is required.

Florìda offers accommodation for the duration of the residency, a mobility grant to cover travel costs and a daily allowance of 25 EUR for a total of 750 EUR. The mobility grant is calculated based on travel distance, fixed amount for round-trip, with a maximum of 350 EUR. This amount may be complemented with a green mobility top-up, a fixed amount of 350 EUR for round-trip, only available for distances abover 600 km (one way). Moreover, top-ups are available for particular needs (visa expenses, travel from overseas territories, parents, and persons with disabilities).


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